Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Relativity 9.6

9.6 Enhancements
  • Refine Your Searches with New Operators
    • Sharpen your advanced searches with operators like “greater than or equal to,” “begins with,” “ends with,” and more.

  • Customize How Email Addresses Are Displayed
    • With a new instance setting, admins can decide to show or hide email addresses in the viewer.

  • Discover Hidden Comments and Tracked Changes
    • New pop-up notifications alert you if there are comments on a Word document or tracked changes in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Find Hidden Comments and Tracked Changes in Excel Spreadsheets
    • Comments or tracked changes in an Excel spreadsheet are now visible in the viewer.

  • Work Smarter with Field Trees and Saved Searches
    • Copy a link to a saved search or field tree item to more easily send multiple links in one email. You can also filter on field tree results.

  • Highlight Exactly What You're Looking For
    • Highlighting performance has improved by 15%, and we’ve streamlined proximity highlighting to help you home in on what you need—and nothing else.

  • Get More Insight into Your Case Team's Performance
    • New capabilities in Case Metrics give you a view of your team’s throughput and accuracy from every angle.

  • Share and Analyze Case Metrics Reports
    • Send out links to your Case Metrics reports, giving recipients a centralized view of reviewer performance.

  • Get Notified When Your Search Terms Report Finishes
    • Go on, answer those emails or get that cup of coffee. We'll let you know once your report is done.

  • Go from Document to Document Faster Than Before
    • Doc-to-doc review time for images is now faster.

  • Adjust Your Browser and Search Panels
    • Expand the width of your search and browser panels to whatever size works best for you.

  • Transcripts
    • Act quickly on deposition leanings.
    • Hone in on the heart of the matter.
    • Connect the dots of your case. 
    • Fully integrated with Relativity. 

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