Monday, January 28, 2019

LegalTech Lunch this Wednesday

Lunch With Your Friends at Empire Discovery and Greenpoint Global

Faces and Names
159 West 54th street
New York, NY 10019

Wednesday, January 30th
12:00- 2:00 PM

Please join Empire Discovery and Greenpoint Global for lunch during LegalTech on Wednesday January 30th. Plenty of food, drinks and networking and the company of your hosts Rob Gibbs and Frank Canterino. 
January 2019
Space is limited click the RSVP button today   

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Relativity 9.6

9.6 Enhancements
  • Refine Your Searches with New Operators
    • Sharpen your advanced searches with operators like “greater than or equal to,” “begins with,” “ends with,” and more.

  • Customize How Email Addresses Are Displayed
    • With a new instance setting, admins can decide to show or hide email addresses in the viewer.

  • Discover Hidden Comments and Tracked Changes
    • New pop-up notifications alert you if there are comments on a Word document or tracked changes in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Find Hidden Comments and Tracked Changes in Excel Spreadsheets
    • Comments or tracked changes in an Excel spreadsheet are now visible in the viewer.

  • Work Smarter with Field Trees and Saved Searches
    • Copy a link to a saved search or field tree item to more easily send multiple links in one email. You can also filter on field tree results.

  • Highlight Exactly What You're Looking For
    • Highlighting performance has improved by 15%, and we’ve streamlined proximity highlighting to help you home in on what you need—and nothing else.

  • Get More Insight into Your Case Team's Performance
    • New capabilities in Case Metrics give you a view of your team’s throughput and accuracy from every angle.

  • Share and Analyze Case Metrics Reports
    • Send out links to your Case Metrics reports, giving recipients a centralized view of reviewer performance.

  • Get Notified When Your Search Terms Report Finishes
    • Go on, answer those emails or get that cup of coffee. We'll let you know once your report is done.

  • Go from Document to Document Faster Than Before
    • Doc-to-doc review time for images is now faster.

  • Adjust Your Browser and Search Panels
    • Expand the width of your search and browser panels to whatever size works best for you.

  • Transcripts
    • Act quickly on deposition leanings.
    • Hone in on the heart of the matter.
    • Connect the dots of your case. 
    • Fully integrated with Relativity. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Empire Discovery Achieves Relativity Best in Service Designation


New York, NY- Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - Empire Discovery is proud to announce that they have achieved Relativity's Best in Service designation for demonstrating outstanding customer service, technical expertise and superior product knowledge for their clients.

"Achieving Relativity's Best in Service designation is a tremendous honor," said Frank Canterino, Co-Founding Partner. "It showcases Empire's commitment to providing our clients with an outstanding Relativity experience. Whether our customers need case-by-case or managed services, Empire has dedicated teams working to ensure our clients get the best Relativity experience available." 

About Empire Discovery

Empire Discovery is one of the fastest growing eDiscovery and consulting companies in the United States.

We have assembled an elite team of professionals focused on providing you with the best solutions to meet the needs of your cases.  Our team of experts has more than 100 years of combined litigation support experience.



Thursday, March 8, 2018

Empire Discovery Launches New ECA and Investigation Workflow


New York, NY- Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - Empire Discovery, one of the fastest growing eDiscovery and consulting companies in the United States, is proud to launch its new workflow, First Look.

First Look allows our clients to investigate and determine the facts prior to review by using the latest analytical technology on the market. 
First Look provides you with the following:
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Near Duplicates
  • Timeline
  • Faceted Lists
  • Transparent Concept Search
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Cluster Wheel
  • Communication Analysis

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Relativity 9.5


Empire Discovery Upgrades to Relativity 9.5

Highlights of Relativity 9.5 include:

Web Export 

  • Export your saved searches, case folders, and productions directly from your workspace.
  • Choose the naming structure for your files, including using a Relativity field in the file name. 
Widgets and Dashboards
  • Create data visualizations widgets or dashboards. 
  • Export your data visualizations widgets or dashboards to Microsoft Excel and easily share findings with your case team and clients. 
  • Easily create and edit complex searches by using Visual logic groups.
  • Enhanced filtering allows for more robust culling of data.
  • Faster document rendering. 
  • Increased speed for document review.
New Outlines Tab in Fact Manager 
  • With a new tab in Fact Manager, you can draft or copy and paste factual findings, issue summaries, deposition questions, or any case strategy document into a rich text editor and easily link the text to key documents, people, or organizations.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Nuix 7.4

"One of the fastest growing eDiscovery and consulting companies in the U.S."

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Nuix 7.4

Highlights of Nuix 7.4 include:

Collect from Mobile Devices

Our latest release gives you a single window into call histories, email, messaging, and communication patterns across multiple mobile devices and all other digital
evidence sources. It performs logical collections from iOS devices with preliminary support for Android devices. We’re also building deeper integration with mobile forensic tools and you can harmonize and deduplicate extractions from different forensic images in dual-tool verification scenarios.

Classify Images with Deep Learning

Using machine learning framework, Nuix 7.4 can classify the content of images and identify real-world objects such as cars or guns as well as items such as corporate logos. You can use existing object libraries such as Google’s Inception v3 or build your own to classify objects specific to your needs.

Streamline Image Investigations with PhotoDNA

For law enforcement investigators working on child exploitation investigations, our latest edition has incorporated PhotoDNA for finding similar images that have been resized, cropped, recolored, or converted to a different format.

Lock Down Your Elasticsearch Cases

For customers using Elasticsearch as a back-end database, Nuix 7.4 supports X-Pack and Search Guard security to prevent unauthorized access to case data, and version 5.5.0 of Elasticsearch.

Generate Custom Reports

Build custom reports on Nuix items and processes using our new Nuix Reporting Templates framework. You can use our pre-built reports or generate your own that query many kinds of metadata, text, comments, and tags in the Nuix case file.

Process Encrypted Hard Drives

Hard drive encryption is a basic security measure in many enterprises. Nuix 7.4 gives you the option of decrypting Bitlocker-encrypted drives during processing to extract their content.

Bulk Load Data into Your Database

Nuix 7.4 allows you to run optical character recognition and document imaging while extracting text, metadata, and binaries in a single run. You can also push metadata directly into an external database. This gives you the shortest possible path for transforming raw source evidence into reviewable documents.

Empire Discovery is Hiring 

Empire Discovery, one of the fastest growing eDiscovery and consulting companies in the United States is hiring. We are looking for the following positions:

  • Relativity Project Managers 
  • Research Analyst (NYC)
  • Business Development Manager (NYC)

Apply Here
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Empire Discovery Monthly Newsletter

"One of the fastest growing eDiscovery and consulting companies in the U.S." 

Jason Huza Joins Empire Discovery as Director of Business Devolpment 

 Empire Discovery, a leading national eDiscovery and consulting company, announced that industry expert Jason Huza has joined the company as Director of Business Development.

"Jason is a great addition to our constantly growing sales team”, says Frank Canterino, CTO and Co-Founder. "Empire’s clients will benefit from his experience managing large scale, time sensitive projects." 

Prior to joining Empire, Jason was a Director at Robert Half Legal helping build their managed services division.

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Brainspace 6

Brainspace’s founders have been pushing the limits of semantic search and machine learning for over 20 years. Brainspace's technology is trusted by hundreds of companies around the world to accelerate mission-critical investigations involving hundreds of millions of documents.

Multilingual Analytics

Brainspace’s linguistic analysis and machine learning accurately process unstructured text, revealing valuable information and conceptual connections in virtually every major language, including all European languages, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Machine Learning

Brainspace's patented machine learning platform learns dynamically at a rate of one million documents per hour, automatically identifying phrases and clustering related documents without human supervision, word lists or taxonomies. The resulting Brain powers all of Brainspace 6's visualizations.
Click here to set up a demo

 Empire Discovery's ECA Model is Changing the Way Data is reviewed

Edge imports all of the metadata and text into one Relativity database allowing our clients access to their data prior to incurring native processing and hosting fees. Unlike other ECA tools, Edge is fully customizable to meet all your needs.
  • Free Analytics 
  • Allows access to any data set without the need to incur the full cost of Native Processing
  • Provides extracted metadata and text for efficient culling and data minimization 
  • Prioritize and organize data for review
  • Access data volumes quickly with visibility reports
  • Batch, search and report by file type and name from the toolbar
  • Instantly view custodian and container reports
For more information on Edge contact us

Empire is looking for Relativity Project Managers 

Empire Discovery, one of the fasting growing eDiscovery and consulting companies in the United States is hiring. We are looking for Relativity Project Managers that have experience working in Relativity processing and hosting. 
Apply here

The Most Cost Effective way to get Relativity 

Law firms and Corporations are constantly searching for cutting edge technology with a limited budget. Many are forced to use internal tools that often struggle to meet their demands. 

Relativity is an industry leading application being used by all the TOP 100 AM LAW firms. However, the added value of bringing Relativity in-house can sometimes be overshadowed by the investment necessary in software, personnel and infrastructure. That is why we created RED.

No Relativity License to Buy – This saves the firm $50,000 – $150,000 per year. We run on Empire Discovery’s Relativity license.

No Hardware to Buy – Empire’s Relativity environment runs within Empire’s secure SSAE 16 certified data centers.

Easy User Interface – Empire has a user‐friendly dashboard that allows you to manage your case(s) seamlessly.

No IT Burden – The Empire Technical Services team supports your environment. No SQL to tweak, no upgrades to worry about, no versions to
tweek, Empire does it all.

For more information on RED contact us






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