Thursday, July 2, 2015

Empire Discovery Upgrades to Relativity 9.2

Highlights of Relativity 9.2 include:

More Than 100 New Features across the Stack

The stack is stronger than ever with features including:

  • A new connector for Relativity Legal Hold to sync custodian data to Active Directory or any LDAP-enabled directory service
  • Collect from Gmail with Relativity Collection
  • Improved native imaging and production capabilities
  • More control and visibility into backend processing resources
  • Mass save images and productions as searchable PDFs
  • Redesigned UI for the Relativity mobile application, Binders
  • Updated timeline builder in Relativity Fact Manager
Platform Enhancements

In Relativity 9.2, new applications bring next-generation automation to the platform, and the Relativity installer has been rebuilt from the ground up.

  • An updated installer allows you to launch the installation of Relativity through a command shell and batch multiple install scripts for distributed installation across multiple servers.
  • You can now connect any third-party application with an open API to Relativity with Integration Points. The application’s streamlined setup wizard automates and schedules data imports from other systems.
  • Event Handler Express allows you to build pre-save event handlers without technical knowledge, so you can create for yourself in minutes what previously required specialized development skills.
Archive, Restore, & Move, otherwise known as ARM, makes archiving and moving Relativity workspaces easy. You can create and schedule jobs through the Relativity UI, automate user and group mapping, and more.

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