Monday, March 24, 2014

Empire Discovery team – first to become EDT accredited in the US

New York, NY- March 24, 2014- New US market entrant EDT, today awarded its first round of US accreditations to four Empire Discovery team members.

“We are very excited about the unique positioning of EDT software in our market” said Frank Canterino, CTO and co-founder of Empire Discovery.

“EDT’s integrated platform delivers full life cycle support; from processing and analysis to review and production.  A key strength is its unique Early Case Analysis functionality that delivers real value for our clients.  We wanted to be an early adopter and accreditation was the logical next step.”

The EDT accreditation program is designed to enable ediscovery professionals to develop and validate their expertise in EDT software alongside best practice methodology. As soon as the partnership deal with EDT was signed last month, Empire Discovery, committed its key team members to become accredited. 
There are four different types of ECSP accreditation:

Certified EDT Solutions Professional (CEDTSP)
Certified EDT Administrator (CEDTAD)
Certified EDT Analyst (CEDTAN)
Certified EDT Case Manager (CEDTCM)

In the first accreditation intake in the US, three members of the Empire team obtained the CEDTSP and CEDTAN accreditations Frank Canterino, Robert Ryan and Steve Wallrapp while Ahsan Sheikh (Empire Discovery) and David Lapresi (Phillips Lytle LLP) both became Certified EDT Administrators and Case Managers and Christopher Redlich of Allen & Overy LLP became accredited as a Certified EDT Analyst.

The next course will run in New York during May/June with parallel courses running in London and Sydney over forthcoming months.  Pre-registered participants include litigation technology professionals from 3 of the top 6 global law firms, two attendees from top four accounting firms and three forensic technologists from a global corporation.  

“After more than 10 years in business it’s exciting to be launching an accreditation program” said EDT’s founder and CEO, Jo Sherman. “We designed our software to facilitate best practice.  However, the tools are only one component.  It’s the people behind the tools who really matter and we are committed to help them continually develop their expertise in order to deliver excellent outcomes with our software.” 

After a decade of solid growth in Asia and Europe, Sherman has recently moved to New York to head up EDT’s expansion into North America, an expansion that was spearheaded by the recently established partnership with Empire.    

“I’m confident Empire’s early adoption of EDT and our accreditation program will deliver great returns and real value for their clients” said Sherman.  “It certainly gives them a first mover advantage in the US”
Legal Technology professionals looking to be certified in the program can contact the EDT team for more information at

About Empire Discovery
Empire Discovery is a leading eDiscovery and consulting firm with more than 50 years of combined litigation support experience.   Empire services the full life cycle eDiscovery process from Collection, Early Case Assessment, Processing, Hosting, Review and Production.   Empire Discovery is headquartered in New York, with regional offices in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Austin, Texas. For more information visit

About EDT
For over a decade EDT has established an international reputation as the first provider of end-to-end software to manage disputes, investigations, and litigation.  EDT has been embraced by an international blue chip client base including GLOBAL100 law firms, top tier accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, forensic experts and consulting service providers. For more information, please visit us at

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